About us

Bench Space is designed to be a modern, convenient work space and meeting hub for businesses of all types. We're locally owned and open for our community members 24/7, so if you edit at 2 a.m. or need an early start, we've got space that allows flexibility. We offer a combination of professional and hospitality amenities for freelancers, remote professionals or start up companies. Don't worry about parking, it's free onsite so you can get right to work.

Bench Space Coworks supports your professional goals with a collaborative community, beautiful workspaces, inspiring hands-on workshops, private offices, dedicated desks, conference rooms, light industrial workspace, storage & crafting benches, plus a kitchen cafe featuring rotating local craft beers and small batch coffee from around the globe. We host social events for our members, provide professional development workshops and more. 



For freelancers, corporate refugees and remote workers, Bench Space offers a home away from home or office with a modern and motivating shared space; as well as private offices, conference rooms and plenty of amenities and growth support systems.




Incubate your concepts with a single dedicated desk or with devoted team space. You'll get full access to the entire facility and 24/7 entry privileges. Bench Space provides unique perks to Start Ups, plus a low overhead option so all sizes of businesses can focus on growth and innovation rather than location logistics. 

Your innovative concepts will thrive onsite at Bench Space Coworks. You can build up a team, or if you already have one, you can incubate and bring new ideas to fruition. You'll get a fully functioning space and could even join our monthly First Friday Mixer as we brainstorm and celebrate successes as a group. It's a great chance all our members have to tap into our like-minded community.




Handy with power tools? Need to spread out your business concepts? Maybe you have an amazing product up your sleeve, but no where to make it happen.

Bench Space offers a range of actual physical work space, including a light industrial side where screw-guns and soldering irons are encouraged. Forget meetings at local coffee shops that undermine your professional identity... all our meeting space perks and amenities are at your service to add business legitimacy to your product production.




Designers, Makers and Creatives rejoice... and take your skills to the next level. With full use of our facility, you can add legitimacy to your business within our brick and mortar for meetings, plus have full use of our light industrial areas to hone your craft. You'll be Instafamous in no time.

You'll have the opportunity to tap into our vibrant and inspiring community of members. We provide practical business development support onsite and encourage you to gather and collaborate with your peers. You'll be inspired for innovation, take meetings with potential clients, partake in our monthly community workshops, events and more! Being online never felt so good in real life.